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Visions In Sound is a Movie, TV and Video Game radio program that I produce every week for FM 98.5 CKWR in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.


I have always loved soundtrack music from the music of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica in the late 70’s to Today.  I officially started collecting back in 1986 with my first soundtrack being Labyrinth.


Visions In Sound originally started as a documentary that I was going to produce in college in the early 90’s.  Unfortunately that never happened.  In the mid-90’s I thought perhaps writing a book might be the way to go.  I soon realized that there was far too much history and music to put in one book, so I abandoned that idea and stuck to collecting.   In 1999 I was a guest on a radio show on CKMS 100.3FM as a soundtrack “expert” after a second guest appearance I discovered that this was the outlet that I was looking for to let people know my love of this unique form of music.  So on June 9th 2000, Vision In Sound was born.


The show has evolved since 2000 originally a friend, Scott Edward, co-hosted with me off and on for about a year.  I have tried new things, some worked, some didn’t, but in the end it is all about the music we love.

In 2008, due to circumstances beyond my control the show moved from CKMS to CKWR where it resides to this day.   I am also one of very few exclusive soundtrack shows that still broadcasts weekly on a radio station in Canada.


Over the years as well as doing shows I have interviewed several composers, including the likes of Mychael Danna, Mark Snow, John Ottman, Howard Shore, Vic Mizzy, Lisa Gerrard, Bear McCreary, Austin Wintory and many others.

My mandate has always been to present the best of movie, TV and video game music from a variety of composers some of whom you may not have heard before.    So if you’re new to soundtracks or have been listening for years I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy in Visions In Sound.  This is a labour of love for me and I hope you enjoy the show.

3 thoughts on “About Visions In Sound

    1. Hi Rob. I’m curious; what is the theme music that you play at the beginning of your show? Even Shazam can’t identify it.

      1. Andy,

        Thanks for contacting me and giving me feedback on the site. It is very much appreciated.

        The theme was composed by Austin Wintory who you may know has composed music for the video games Journey, Horn and most recently Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate. It also features cellist Tina Guo.

        As for Joe vs. The Volcano – I haven’t seen the movie in a while but I do remember Abe Vigoda delivering the line “You wanna marry him…you wanna marry her…you’re married.” I’m sure I can fit it into a future show.

        Thanks for listening.

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