October 01

31 Days 31 Scores

October 1st

“The answer’s simple. You’re a scanner, which you don’t realize. And that has been the source of all your agony. But I will show you now that it can be a source of great power.”


Happy October, my favourite month and welcome to the 2016 edition of 31 Days 31 scores.

1981 saw David Cronenberg’s classic thriller Scanners hit the big screen with music by upcoming Howard Shore.  Shore and Cronenberg have had a long standing association which dates back to 1978’s The Brood.   This score is a combination of small orchestra and electronics,  which were coming into their own in the early 80’s.  Shore maintains an uneasy, creepy feeling throughout the score and uses electronics to represent the Scanners.  As with most of Shore’s early work it is very minimalist and tries not to draw a lot of attention to itself.   Throughout most of the 23 minute running time the score moves through a dreamlike state switching from Strings and single horn to Synth, probably due to budget constraints.  An 8 note theme first heard in the main title runs through the score grounding it.   I would consider this score much like the movie a slow burn score, much of the main action is scored near the end. The score on disc ends with “Scanner Duel” with fluttering synth effects and droning snyth mixed with occasional horns and a building repeating string line, quite effective.  (Scanner Duel) The score ends with a more human sounding statement of the title theme.   Considering the budget constraints  Shore was probably under.  He turned in an effective score for what is now a cult classic thriller.  The score was originally released on the Silva Screen label and later on Howe records as a vinyl release only.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 Scores where “inside every man there are two people-one good, one beast.”

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