October 14

31 Days 31 Scores

October 14th


“Glorious, is it not? The creatures who walk its surface, always looking to the light, never seeing the untold oceans of darkness beyond. There are more humans alive today than in all of its pitiful history. The Garden of Eden. A garden of flesh.”

Welcome Back to “31 Days 31 Scores.  Today we look at the score to the 1996 film Hellraiser: Bloodline by Daniel Licht.  Licht is another underrated composer and is work here is exceptional.  The score starts off with a bang with a flurry of voices that bring us into the score.  A masterful opening title then retreats into a beautiful mix of brass and choir.  “Chez Le Reve” starts as a subtle string and flute piece and transforms into a foreboding brass and male choir piece.  The cue sound a little like “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” with some great orchestral stings.  The score is surprisingly beautiful with some wonderful orchestration and despite its beauty it also carries some sinister moments with sudden out breaks of chaos, it’s wonderful.  Licht crafts a foreboding vibe as the score revels in low brass and strings.  You can almost feel as if something is watching you.  “Angelique Montage” is an interesting cue with strange instruments including a didgeridoo but in all this chaos Licht makes it work.  A soulful string part with brass accents compliments the “Sharpe At The Gates Of Hell” including some statements of Christopher Young’s “Hellraiser 2 Theme”. (Young’s Theme also shows up in the “Back To The Box” and “Finale” cues)  “Back To The Box” has some great orchestral flourishes with a great use of choir and some very tribal sounding music.  Licht is able to take this horror film and make it eerily beautiful “Finale” has some wonderful choir work and brass flourishes. “End Title” is appropriately creepy with an almost hopeful feel.  Then the cues takes a left turn with a flurry of percussion and brass. Finally retreating to a subtle brass and string ending.  Hellraiser: Bloodline is an enjoyable score that is well worth the listen.  The score was released on the Silva America label and overdue for a remaster.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 scores where “The power of evil is no longer in the hands of a child.”