October 22

31 Days 31 Scores

October 22nd


“Piranha hunt in packs – not for protection, but for overwhelming force. They’re organized, methodical. The first bite draws blood. The blood draws the pack.”

Welcome Back to “31 Days 31 Scores” Last up on the fishy side of Halloween is the score to the 2010 film Piranha 3D by Michael Wandmacher.  Wandmacher immediately set the right tone with a flurry of heavy brass and strings in the cue “Whrilpool”.  The score is desperate as it uses rapidly plucked strings to represent the danger.  The score continues to use a frenetic pace to keep the score suspenseful while keeping it interesting.  “Empty Boat” does have a JAWS feel to it but it sits in the background ready to jump out at you and it does with a flurry of brass and sound effects.  There is a wonderful sense of suspense here as Wandmacher uses the horror palate to his advantage while at the same time, much like Donaggio, keeps a slight bit of dark humour where needed.  “Pack Attack” comes at you relentlessly with shrill brass and sound effects attack you over and over followed by strong brass and strings that get faster as the attack continues, the pace is tiring.   Wandmacher’s vibe is perfect as it now creates a sense of dread and suspense.  It makes the Piranha seem almost alien as the cues could very easily fit in a space horror film.(Swimming For Blood and The Bucket) The score maintains a relentless pace in “Marina Attacks Part 1 and 2” with statements from electric guitar and strong strings and continues this for the next several cues. “Rescued” finally gives us a break with a light electric guitar. The rest of the score continues the frenetic pace and just does not let up until “Pressure Wave” where the score turns more suspenseful building to a final crescendo.  “Breathe” finally relieves all the suspense with a light strings and piano cue.  “End Titles” is a decent rock instrumental that ends the score nicely.   Wandmacher created a wonderful vibe for this third outing for Piranha.  He pulled out all the stops to create a relentless and at times fun score that really drives home the horror aspects of this movie.  Piranha 3D was released on the Lakeshore Records label.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 scores where “A number is just a number. Or is it?”