October 29

31 Days 31 Scores

October 29th

“You were looking at your phone, you dip! What are you tweeting? Hashtag there’s a freaking ghost after us?”


Welcome Back to “31 Days 31 Scores”.  Believe it or not this is the first video game that has been featured here on 31 Days 31 Scores, Jason Graves’ score to the 2015 video game Until Dawn.  The music here draws from the classic horror with a very dark vibe.  Graves is no stranger to horror having scored the Deep Space series of games.  The cue “What could possibly go wrong” has a wonderful tone with a heartbeat like sound that runs throughout the cue.  The tension builds throughout the cue and crescendos with a brass hit.   “You Go, Girl” builds tension with a wonderful string line and low brass creating a feeling of urgency.  “Chris and Ashley” gives us a little break with some very sweet instrumentation.  However, the dread returns in the cue “Don’t Leave Me Hanging” with a possible nod to “John Carpenter’s The Thing” (This comes up quite a bit during the score) and an effective jump scare that gets me every time.  “Icicle Elegy” has some tragic strings that really shows just how talented Graves is.  The piece comes off like a classical piece near the end.  The score ends with the cue “The Final Confrontation”.  Graves has a wonderful sense of instrumentation and creates a cool horror vibe for this score. Speaking of cool, the whole score has a definite cold vibe which fits in perfectly with the winter setting of the game.   “Until Dawn” is available on iTunes and is worth seeking out.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 scores where “How far would you go to survive?”