October 03

31 Days 31 Scores

October 3rd

“When you’re afraid, close your eyes and count to five. Sometimes it works for me.”


Welcome back to 31 Days 31 Scores as today we take a look at the Joseph LoDuca score to the 2005 film Boogeyman.  LoDuca, much like Morricone, is also no stranger to horror as he is best known for his scores to the Evil Dead series of films.   He brings that sensibility to this score and expands on it creating a very creep score with some interesting moments to it.  While the score takes a standard horror approach with a very creepy version of “Rock-a-bye-Baby” in the cue “House Of Broken Dreams”.  It also is very touching in the cue “Frannie” and “On The Swings”.  LoDuca is able to craft these moments well and the give us a real almost Evil Dead-ish jolt with “The Sentinel”. The score effectively ends with “The Missing” a cue that uses sound effects to great use.  What surprised me most about this score was in an era where the droning horror score seems the norm, LoDuca deviates from that and crafts a truly creepy and at times touching score that’s worth a listen.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 Scores where “In a place where there is nothing, they found something.”