October 30

31 Days 31 Scores

October 30th


“We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. I don’t really care which way, but by sunrise I’m gonna be gnawing on your bones!”

Welcome Back to “31 Days 31 Scores”.   Well, this month we’ve seen vampires, werewolves, zombies and warlocks so why not cannibals too.  Up today is music from the 2007 film “Tooth and Nail” by Elia Cmiral.  The score begins with the cue “Beginning Of The End” in a very unusual way with an hard rock sound with heavy electric guitar and synth effects.  Then Cmiral creates a wonderful low synth and sound effects vibe with “Prologue”.  Cmiral has a great sense of dread and he brings it to his scores.  While most of the music rumbles in the background it does have a creepy structure to it.  “Hunt Begins” has a very primal sound to it, contrast this with “Alone In Dark” which has a very dissonant lonely feel.  The score has a very industrial feel to it with rumbling and hissing effects with clanging and thumping percussion.  The score relentless chugs on with its industrial sound for several cues giving the impression of being on the run and fighting for almost every moment.  The score clocks in at just under 41 minutes and can be a challenging listen.  Cmiral’s industrial style may be off putting for some but there is a great vibe here that can be enjoyed if in the right mood.  “Tooth And Nail” was released on the Lakeshore Records label.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 scores where “You’ll all be dammed!”