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Reviewing Visions – January 8, 2016

Diablo, features music by composer Tim Williams. I was not that familiar with much of his music though his score for the film “Debug” almost made it on to the Best Of 2015.

I do like westerns “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” ranks up there as one of my favourites. Diablo’s score is a bit more subtle than Morricone’s approach but it is no less effective. As composer Marco Beltrami told me once in an interview it’s hard to a score to a western (In his case 3:10 To Yuma) without a little Morricone slipping through.

Williams’ score does for the most part go for a dissonant approach with a few cues coming to the forefront such as “She’s Gone”, “Ambush At The River” and “Gallop”. He also makes great use of strings throughout the score and occasional whistle that reminds us of the Morricone scores.

“Sun Still Not Down” is a moving listen and “Reunion” and “Hide Her Away” create wonderful tension and give the score a dark western feel that is really effective.

“Preacher’s Theme” rounds out the score with a very Morricone sounding cue. At points it actually made me smile at the homages being paid in this cue.

The soundtrack begins and ends with songs by Zella Day. “Bloodlines” is a great cue that also pays homage to those Morricone scores as well

Diablo is a great listen and definitely worth picking up especially if you are a fan of westerns.

Milan Records will release the DIABLO – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on January 8, 2016.