October 21

31 Days 31 Scores

October 21st


“We spliced in genes from different species to create the ultimate killer organism.”

Welcome Back to “31 Days 31 Scores”.  As things continue to get fishy here I bring you the score to the 1981 film, Piranha 2 – The Spawning by Steve Power aka Stelvio Cipriani.   Cipriani at times takes an almost soap opera approach to his score even his opening title sounds like it comes from the soaps, overdramatic and syrupy sweet, quite out of place for a film about flying killer piranha.  The cue “The Wreck” actually begins to sound like it belongs in this film using building strings and percussion with piano to create a scary vibe. “6:30am Explosion” sounds more like it’s out of a war film, with a building brass line with low piano and percussion.  Ciprani’s score tries to create a scary vibe from then on but it seems to fall into melancholy and back to a romantic soap opera-ish type score. “The Spawning” is an action/chase cue with bass guitar and strings that do create some suspense.  “The Deep (End Titles)” continues this with unfortunately no real suspense at all.  Ciprani’s score seems out of place with a film like this but it is a good score.  The themes are there and the music is enjoyable.  It’s unfortunate that the tone is all wrong because there is good music here.  “Piranha 2 – The Spawning” was released on Digitmovies in 2003.

Join me tomorrow for more 31 Days 31 scores sees “Two million years of evolution. One perfect killer.”